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Topics Explored in 2018!

Facts and Respect vs. Feelings and Attention: Gain access to the best qualities in others by understanding what has them experience being safe and secure.

Focus vs. Diffuse Awareness: Synchronize your approach with how someone is thinking, processing information, and relating to their environment.

Producing Results and Solving Problems vs. Completing, Connecting and Relativity: Be more effective, understood, and valued by connecting to how a person is listening, processing what they are hearing, and what motivates them.

Concealing and Conserving vs. Revealing and Including: Get the information you need by understanding the instincts behind what someone is saying and not saying.

Behind the Plan vs. Behind the Person: Reduce stress and conflict, and improve results and relationships, by providing the support someone needs and appreciates most.

Dishonor vs. Hurt Feelings: Restore partnership and connection by providing what a person needs to hear and feel the most.

Legacy vs. Reflection: Be a more satisfied partner, friend or child by understanding what’s driving a someone’s maternal/paternal expression in each situation.

Orgasm vs. Intimacy: Create more satisfaction and connection by recognizing a woman’s present sexual needs and supporting her in having enough sex.