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2019 & 2020 Topics:

Using the Stages of Development: Leverage the focus and needs of Pages, Knights, Princes, Kings and Elders to understand men, empower men and produce results. Appreciate the importance of the centerpiece in every stage’s “Worth It Calculation.”

Honoring the Phases of the Hunt: Use the instinctive planning cycles of hunters to produce success and satisfaction, reclaim energy, and most importantly, have everyone pointed in the same direction.

Understanding Team, Loyalty and Male Etiquette: Men and women have fundamentally different point of view regarding teams, loyalty, privacy and competition. Learn the distinction and find creative ways to get everyone “behind the plan.”

Supporting Transition Time and Getting Underway: By consciously creating and supporting Transition Time, greater harmony, connection and results can happen. By understanding the energetic phenomenon of “getting underway,” men and women can knowingly commit to the most difficult part of any journey, life choice or ambition.

Speaking to the Point and the Problem: Train yourself and others to give just the right amount of detail, empower problem solvers, and create greater connection and cooperation.
Harnessing Single Focus to Create Connection: Instead of trying to overcome Single Focus to feel more connected, consciously use it to connect over what’s most important.

Piercing Hunter Illusions: Fantasies about the next big sale, the right hire, the new technique, the right marketing plan – set us up for disappointment instead of success. Become aware of the most seductive illusions, see abundance instead of scarcity, and don’t get distracted by “opportunities.

Supporting Competition and Ambition: Capture the energy in these primal compulsions to bring out the best in yourself and others by setting everyone up to win on the Path of their dearest goals and heart’s desires.

Topics Explored in 2018!

Facts and Respect vs. Feelings and Attention: Gain access to the best qualities in others by understanding what has them experience being safe and secure.

Focus vs. Diffuse Awareness: Synchronize your approach with how someone is thinking, processing information, and relating to their environment.

Producing Results and Solving Problems vs. Completing, Connecting and Relativity: Be more effective, understood, and valued by connecting to how a person is listening, processing what they are hearing, and what motivates them.

Concealing and Conserving vs. Revealing and Including: Get the information you need by understanding the instincts behind what someone is saying and not saying.

Behind the Plan vs. Behind the Person: Reduce stress and conflict, and improve results and relationships, by providing the support someone needs and appreciates most.

Dishonor vs. Hurt Feelings: Restore partnership and connection by providing what a person needs to hear and feel the most.

Legacy vs. Reflection: Be a more satisfied partner, friend or child by understanding what’s driving a someone’s maternal/paternal expression in each situation.

Orgasm vs. Intimacy: Create more satisfaction and connection by recognizing a woman’s present sexual needs and supporting her in having enough sex.

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